Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5- Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

Welcome back. How are things going? Are you still keeping your patience with your husband and your kids? Are you excited about your house becoming a home?

Now on to finances. Grab your notebook and label a new page: Finances.
Take a good, hard look at your financial situation. Are you scraping by every month? Are your bills paid on time every month? Are they behind or are you having to choose which bill gets paid this month and which one has to wait until the next month?
Do you have an emergency fund? A retirement fund? College fund set up for the kids?

Challenge: Create a budget to live within/below your means. Start by listing your income and your monthly bills. Which is higher, income or outgoing? If your income is higher, then start tracking where all the other money goes. Keep a record of every transaction even down to the soda at the gas station.

Journal: What five things do you want to accomplish financially this year?