Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2-- Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

Grab your notebook and find a quiet spot. On a new page write: Marriage
If you're not married then consider this page for your significant other or future partner. For the sake of this project this person will be referred to as your husband.

How are things with your husband? Put a label on it. Fantastic? Good? Okay? Comfortable? Bad? Considering the big "D"?
**disclaimer: if you are in an abusive relationship then by all means get help and get out.

Now close your eyes and imagine what your dream relationship would be. When you were a little girl, what did you expect your prince to be like? Yes, I know that fairy tale princes don't exist. But what made you fall in love with your husband? Would you like to have that feeling again? Write it down. Write down exactly what you want. Really. Put down your dream relationship.

Challenge: You are not allowed to nag, yell or scream at your husband for the entire month. You cannot talk bad about your husband to anyone including yourself. You also cannot talk bad to your husband. No negatives this month.

Journal: List five things that you love about your husband.