Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 15-Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

I know that we are already practicing patience. You are keeping your patience right?
Today we start with kindness. What exactly is kindness? Here is what I have come to determine.

Kindness is:

Gentleness-doing all things in a calm, controlled manner. Keeping your voice at a gentle tone and your hands touch easily, not roughly.

Helpfulness-meeting the needs of those you love-doing what needs to be done. If that means cooking and housework then get to work, if that means driving someone somewhere then do it. If it means washing your daughter's favorite sweater at 10PM then do it.

Willingness-instead of being stubborn and pigheaded or complaining and making excuses, you look for ways to compromise

Initiative- take the first step. Don't wait for you hubby to come to you, you go to him and give him a kiss hello or goodbye. You make the first move towards creating a more harmonious atmosphere.

Time to put this into practice and see how your husband and your children respond.

Journal: What are your feelings about this exercise? Did you think that kindness meant so many things? Did you notice any difference in your family yet?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 14-Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

Today is the day to take a break. Relax, have some fun, take a moment for yourself. (take at least 30 min for yourself)

Journal: How have you changed so far? How has your family changed? Do they notice a change in you? Do they respond differently?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 13--Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

Today I offer encouragement. Continue to list your accomplishments. Remember that you only fail if you quit. We're into the thick of it and it's time to think about why you're doing this and what the outcome will be. I know you're tired. Just think in a couple of weeks you can go back to your old ways if you want to. For now, Game On.

Healthy hair and skin challenge: Take a picture or really examine your hair and skin in the mirror. Drink 10-8 oz glasses of water a day for the next 10 days. Reexamine your skin at that time. (I'll remind you) Your skin will be softer and clearer while your hair will be fuller and more alive.

Home Challenge: Make a list of things you would like to get done but just "haven't gotten around to doing" Sometime over the next 17 days I will issue a "Procrastination Time" That's when you will check your sheet and pick one thing on the list to do that day.

Journal: Say your thank yous and write down your motto.

Get some rest. Are you sleeping better at night? Write down a to-do list before you go to bed so that you aren't bothered with trying to remember. Sleep well!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 12-Mommy Makeove Bootcamp

Work your plan. This is the beginning of a new you, a new life, and a happier you makes a happier family. This is so exciting.
Take a moment everyday to tell the people in your life something you love about them. Just one thing (at least.)Remember to stop, breath and think. Did you come up with a motto/mantra? Write it down and read it once in the morning and once at night. Repeat it to yourself as often as you need to.

Tonight write down your thoughts about all you've accomplished so far. No negatives. Don't forget your five things to be thankful for lists.

Tips to help your progress:

Health: Drink four glasses of water (min.) per day and exercise at least 10 min. per day.

Financial: Create a list of needs vs. wants. Make a vow to spend only on needs for the next week/two weeks.

Spiritual: Spend 10 min with God everyday and write in your thankfulness journal.

Family: Create a family fun night. Try to eat at the table together 3 or more times per week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 11-Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

How is your schedule going? Are you a conqueror or are you being conquered? Step it up girl! This is your life we're talking about. Stop being Scarlett O'Hara and saying "you'll think about it tomorrow". Guess what? We are NOT guaranteed tomorrow. So work your schedule and remember where it's going to take you. No more frumpy, frazzled, crazy mommy. You're going to be in control of your actions and reactions. You cannot always control what happens in life, but you can control YOU.

Before you go to bed find a quiet spot a reflect on how much you accomplished today. (Write it in your journal) Not what you didn't do, what you DID do. I'll bet it's more than you thought you could do. Make notes on what must be done tomorrow, take a few moments to get ready for the next day.

Create a mantra for yourself for when you're at a crossroads. Think deeply about this. Examples: I am in control of my actions. or How bad do I want this new me? or Do I want to give in to this feeling or take the steps to be a better me? or I am doing the best that I can. or I am stronger than this temporary problem.

Thoughts create feelings, feelings create action and action creates success.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 10--Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

Time for action. Check your schedule for tomorrow and prepare yourself tonight. Set out some clothes, know what you're making for breakfast, set the alarm clock, etc,

Before you go to bed don't forget to make a thankful lists. One for the five things in your life that you are most thankful for, one for the five things you like about your husband, one for the five things about each of your children and one for the five things you know that God is promising for your future. (Your hopes and dreams)

Now get a good nights sleep and tomorrow we will meet again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 9 -- Mommy Makeover Bootcamp

Insanity--doing the same things over and over and expecting different results

Here it is. The last day before bootcamp starts to kick your butt. Today's assignment/challenge is to break down your first week's goal into a daily schedule. No kidding.

The best way to do this is to break out your calendar. On your daily schedule mark down the events that are already taking place. If Sally has dance class on Tuesdays then write it in. Choir practice on Wed? Write it in. Now write in the other "knowns". What time to take the kids to school, pick them up, work time, meal times (yes designate meal times),etc.

Now take your goals for the week and determine the best way to break them down. Things to remember: grocery shopping (if needed), errands, time with kids, time with hubby, cooking time, clean up time, laundry, alone time, business (if you're a work-at-home mom), working on your budget, exercise, etc.

Here's some ideas to help boost your brain.

-if you want to save money then determine where you can cut back
-if you want to get healthy, take time everyday to exercise (even just 10 min) AND try drinking a minimum of 4-8oz glasses of water and work your way up over the next few weeks
-if you want a cleaner house pick one spot in every room that must be cleaning daily (in the kitchen-keep the sink clean, in the bedrooms-keep the beds made, in the bathroom(s)-keep the sink cleaned off and the toilet wiped down), try cleaning in 10-15min intervals-set a timer and go as fast as you can until time is up.
-if you want a good relationship with your family then spend at least 10-15 min everyday talking/spending time with just them. this may be reading a book or talking about the day's events or discussing some upcoming event, ask them what makes them feel loved, is it time with them? giving them a gift? making them something? Doing something for them? The kids will probably be easier to get answers from than your husband.
-don't forget to schedule in time to reconnect with God

Make time for everything you need to to reach your goal for this week. I know it's a lot. My day came up to 18 hours. But it's not forever. Once some of these goals are accomplished (like the decluttering) then the days won't be as long. You have to ask yourself "How bad do I want this new life and what am I willing to do to get it?"
Thin people, rich people, women adored by their kids and their husbands are NOT that way because they sit on their butt and do nothing. They had to work at it!! They MADE A CHOICE. Now it's your turn to make a choice. If it helps, get a buddy to do this with or at least one that will help keep you motivated. I will be here to help but I know sometimes it helps to have a voice to talk to.