Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mommy Makeover-It's Time!

It's here! The 30 Day Mommy Makeover Bootcamp. The next 30 days will change your entire life. Get ready to tackle the feelings of being rushed, being fat and/or being out of shape, always being behind, having a dirty/cluttered house, career frustrations, marital blues, being overwhelmed, not spending enough time with your kids, and so much more. This is about your ENTIRE life. You deserve the best life that you can have. No more waiting for your life to start. Quit wishing life away. You're life starts today!
(Guess what? It's totally free.)

The first week is all about adjusting our mental attitude. Time to put the past behind you. You may have tried and failed and tried and failed (I've been there). This time is different. You're starting with your mindset. It doesn't matter how many programs you've tried (and failed at) or how overwhelmed you are feeling (oh where do I start?). Take a deep breath and wipe the slate clean. Once you've conquered your mind you are over half way to success. There are many a story of survival and of success that starts with the reasoning that someone made up their mind to live and/or succeed and failure was NOT an option.