Monday, October 6, 2008

Building your family CEO manual

Time to put together your life manual. I know you're sitting there like WTH? But this is one of your most important tools for changing your life. Come on. Stereos have manuals. Computers have manuals. TVs, cars and even curling irons have manuals. However. for some reason it's ok to live our lives by the seat of our pants without any direction or guidance.

No more! You'll need: a three-ring binder, notebook paper, pen/pencil, calendar, and dividers. I want you to decorate the outside of the binder however it suits you. Next, you'll have to create the categories for your dividers such as: budget, meals, career, emergency numbers, fitness, and goals. You are not limited to these categories. You can list as many as you can keep up with.

We'll go into these in more detail next week.