Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is This Blog Right For You?

Did you wake up one morning and realize that your life was nothing like you had imagined it would be? Or perhaps you're looking in the mirror wondering who is that person staring back at you. Do you sometimes sit and daydream about what you really want your life to be like?

Is this your reality? Your husband is due home in an hour, you have no idea what's for dinner-so you think about ordering pizza-except you didn't record a few of the debit transactions last week and you're low on cash. While you're standing in the kitchen trying to decide what's for dinner, the kids found the candy stash you had hidden and they've eaten most of it. Now all three (or more) of them are chasing the dog around the house trying to dress it up in your daughter's dress up clothes. "But Mom, Sparky likes to dress up as a princess."

Are you dreaming of a life where there is more than enough money to go around, you almost always know what is for dinner and have already done most of the preparation by the time "dinner time" rolls around, the kids are well behaved and they help out around the house without too much argument, you are able to play with the kids because you are fit and energized and the house is clean and uncluttered so you aren't spending family time cleaning up?

Does that sound like a dream that will never come true? Well you've come to the right place. I have embarked on a journey to help all of those moms that think that it will never get done and that a peaceful life is for other women.

We deserve a wonderful life and our families deserve it also. They deserve a mom who is in touch with who she is and who is able to fully show them love without being constantly worried about day to day life.

Each week I will post one thing about the different areas in a woman's life. These areas include: home, family, finances, health, career, spiritual/self-care, and overall organization.
I am so excited! Join me and feel free to leave me comments.